We are hiring! We are looking for highly energetic and motivated graduate students and postdocs with a background in physics, chemistry, or biology. Please contact sangjin@illinois for inquiry.

Specifically, we have openings for postdocs in the following projects.

  1. to develop new experimental methods to look at the interplay between DNA supercoiling and RNA polymerase group dynamics in vitro and in vivo (related to Kim et al. Cell 2019).

  2. To study the spatio-temporal coordination of transcription and mRNA degradation in different bacterial species, primarily using fluorescence imaging (related to the computation work published in Biophys J 2018).

These projects address mechanistic questions that require single-molecule resolution. Hence, scientists interested in leveraging single-molecule techniques for probing collective molecular interactions would be a good fit. Expertise in single-molecule biophysics, fluorescence microscopy (instrumentation/optics/image analysis), biochemistry, and bacterial genetics would be ideal but not required.